Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The 4th EUNETHYDIS International Conference on ADHD will be held in Berlin, Germany from Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th October 2016.


(J-EUNETHYDIS will start on Sunday afternoon, 16th October 2016 and will continue on Monday 17th October 2016. Further details can be found on the J-EUNETHYDIS web page.)


The European Accreditation Committee in CNS (EACIC) has granted this conference 27 CME credits.

In the tradition of EUNETHYDIS meetings, our primary focus will be on ADHD and associated conditions. The ultimate objective of our work is always focused on improving the lives of those with ADHD and of those around them. In order to do this we need to conduct basic scientific work to help us better understand the nature of ADHD and its causes in order to stimulate therapeutic innovation and hopefully in the longer term develop ways to base diagnosis and treatment on a strong theoretical foundation. From a clinical perspective we need to not only develop our understanding of what works and for whom but also to roll this evidence out into day to day clinical practice.

This conference will encourage the exchange of ideas and data to further our collaboration between scientists and clinicians, as it is only by working together in this way that we can improve the care of our patients with ADHD and their families.

We have gathered together a global faculty of leading experts in ADHD and associated conditions who will be presenting an exciting and, at times, challenging programme of plenary sessions, clinical workshops and satellite symposia. We are working hard with them to ensure that their presentations will focus on key issues relevant to facilitating every day ‘evidence based’ clinical practice.

Key themes will cover a broad range of ‘scientific and clinical hot topics’ and will include:

New treatment options: pharmacological and non-pharmacological, tailoring of treatment/precision, ADHD and comorbidities, clinical implementation of guidelines, ADHD in pre-schoolers, transition from adolescents to adults, adult ADHD, ADHD across the lifespan and ICD-11 and DSM-5 implications and more…

In addition to plenary sessions, we will also be holding clinical workshops and satellite symposia; these sessions will focus on sharing ‘best clinical practice’ and will provide you with opportunities to work and network closely with your colleagues and internationally renowned experts in ADHD.

The scientific programme will be available shortly.

Please note the scientific programme starts on Sunday 16th October at 19h00. Please refer to the scientific programme page for details.

Kind regards,

Tobias Banaschewski
Chairman, Eunethydis Network
Chair of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Medical Faculty Mannheim of the University Heidelberg, Germany

Jan Buitelaar
Chairman, Programme Committee, 
Eunethydis International Conference 2016

Professor of Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Radboud University Medical Centre, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

David Coghill
Chairman, Eunethydis International Conferences
Financial Markets Foundation Chair of Developmental Mental Health, University of Melbourne, Australia

Scientific Programme Committee:
4th EUNETHYDIS International Conference

Jan Buitelaar (Chair), The Netherlands
Phil Asherson, United Kingdom
Tobias Banaschewski, Germany
Sven Bölte, Sweden
David CoghilI, Australia
Saskia van der Oord, Belgium
Manfred Döpfner, Germany
Chris Hollis, United Kingdom
Martin Holtmann, Germany
Jonna Kuntsi, United Kingdom
Michael Rösler, Germany
Anouk Scheres, The Netherlands
Emily Simonoff, United Kingdom
César Soutullo, Spain
Alessandro Zuddas, Italy

Scientific Programme Committee:
4th J-EUNETHYDIS International Conference

Jan Buitelaar (Chair), The Netherlands
Nicoletta Adamo, United Kingdom
Sam Cortese, United Kingdom
Patrick de Zeeuw, The Netherlands
Corina Greven, The Netherlands
Sarah Hohmann, Germany
Emma Sciberras, Australia

Rosemary Tannock,
(Sagvolden Eunethydis Junior Travel Scholarships)

Honorary advisors:

Manfred Gerlach, Germany
Luis Rohde, Brazil
Joe Sergeant, The Netherlands
Eric Taylor, United Kingdom