The European Accreditation Committee in CNS (EACIC) has granted this conference 27 CME credits.

How to obtain CME credits

Participants requesting CME credits are required to complete the online evaluation form on the EACIC website www.eacic.eu.

Please follow the below steps to receive your CME Certificate.

  1. Go to the EACIC website www.eacic.eu
  2. Click on the CME logo (in the blue bar on the right hand side of the webpage)
  3. Choose the option “I am already registered” or “I am not registered”
  4. Log on or register
  5. Choose the option 1 “I want to evaluate an accredited event”
  6. Choose the event for which you would like to receive CME credits
  7. Complete the online evaluation form
  8. Press “save”
  9. Your CME certificate will be automatically emailed to the address provided


The deadline to complete the evaluation form is 19 December 2016.